the Grid

Distributed Energy Resource Management

More intelligent system balancing helps utilities make the most of their existing energy assets. Savant Power’s Flexible Load Management provides near instantaneous load control where it is needed. Providing utilities with an effective tool for managing power quality, mitigating congestion and deferring costly infrastructure upgrades.

Client-Side Management

Savant Power provides utilities with cost effective, demand-side solutions including energy monitoring and management, smart thermostats, and other IoT enabled devices such as hot-water heaters. Load management can range from a single device to the entire electrical panel.

Utility Advantages

Savant Power provides detailed real-time and hyper-localized information on distributed energy resources with the utility service area. Utility requests for load manipulation are received and reacted to in accordance with the individual user's preferences.

Happy Customers

Flexible Load Management offers utility operators predictable, flexible, dispatchable loads, with virtually no interruption to consumers’ daily routines. Non-invasive load reductions avoid the need for end-user interaction, thereby reducing the instances of consumer opt-out.

Environmental Stewardship

Smart Homes can be eco-friendly without sacrifice to your quality of living. Homeowners can view available green energy production, dynamically control consumption and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Let’s Build a Better Grid

Reliable geographically based load data allows utilities to make deliberate and targeted load manipulation avoiding more dramatic curtailments, including brownouts or blackouts.