Flexible Load Management

Looking to maximize the use of your solar array, keep your home or business powered through a grid failure, or just looking to save money on your energy bills? Savant Power's Flexible Load Management provides circuit level energy monitoring and control over every load in your home or business giving you the ability to take back control over your energy.

On the Grid

Monitor energy consumption on every circuit in your electrical panel to help you make smarter energy decisions. Take advantage of Time-of-Use energy rates by drawing on your stored energy or on-site energy generation automatically. Avoid purchasing energy during peak price hours and lower your energy bill.

Off the Grid

Create customized Virtual Critical Load panels to fit your situation. Decide how the system reacts to a grid outage based on time of day, season, or custom triggers. You decide what circuits are critical at any given time, and you can add or subtract loads as required. Set an energy budget and stay within it.

How it Works

Simply pair a single Savant Power Companion Module with every two loads in your electrical panel and have the ability to monitor and control every circuit in your home or business. Then let Flexible Load Management optimize your energy production and consumption in every situation.

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Energy Modes

Easily switch between modes for your needs at any time. Optimize energy consumption to minimize energy cost. Prioritize use of stored energy and local generation, to reduce grid electricity use or take yourself off the grid at the press of a button.

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Make a Power Move

Take control of your energy consumption and lose your dependence on the grid.